Sam Bankman Fried to be Interviewed At NYTimes Event

The founder of FTX will be interviewed by New York Times columnist Andrew Sorkin at the DealBook Summit on Wednesday.

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Sam Bankman-Fried Announces Interview

Sam Bankman-Fried will be appearing at a public event for the first time since the collapse of the FTX ecosystem. The disgraced founder announced on Wednesday that he will be appearing at the DealBook Summit, organized by the New York Times, on November 30. He said that he would talk to Andrew Sorkin, who is the founder and editor-at-large of DealBook at the New York Times.

“Nothing is off limits.”

The financial regulator is currently investigating Sam Bankman-Fried, who is still in the Bahamas where his now-defunct crypto exchange is headquartered. A spokesperson for the New York Times has disclosed that although Bankman-Fried will not be physically present in New York during the event, he will be participating in the interview virtually from the Bahamas.

Sorkin has confirmed that he will be interviewing with SBF and has hinted that he will raise several difficult but relevant topics.

The Crypto Poster Boy’s Downfall Was Swift and Brutal.

Sam Bankman Fried has been advocating for responsible crypto investing for a long time. He had been buying assets that were undervalued, loaning money for bailouts, and being careful with spending. He has even talked to US regulators and Congress members and advocated for a bipartisan crypto bill. However, people became worried when they found out that FTX’s financial records didn’t match up. The value of the FTT token on the exchange dropped sharply. Bankman-Fried’s personal wealth decreased a lot because most of his money was invested in FTT, which was not doing well.

He lost his billionaire status almost overnight, with a 95% drop in net worth from $16 billion to $995 million. The company applied for bankruptcy soon after the CEO stepped down. This is the first time that he has agreed to do an interview since the collapse, even though he has been very active on Twitter.

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