The developer of the Tornado Cash app, Alexey Pertsev, will remain in detention until next year’s hearing.

The Dutch court has ruled that the developer of the Tornado Cash cryptocurrency will be held for another three months while the investigation continues.


The court has decided that the developer of Tornado Cash, Alexsey Pertsev, will remain in custody in the Netherlands for another three months.

A court hearing was to discuss the case against Alexsey, who is being in custody for 103 days.

The prosecutor explained what they had found out about the case, and said that Pertsev was a key person in the Tornado Cash organization. Advocate WK Cheng then gave his first argument in defense of Pertsev.

There are some things people think about Tornado Cash that aren’t true. Cheng talking about what Tornado Cash is actually using for, and why those misunderstandings are wrong.

I am disappointed by the court’s decision. After the preliminary hearing, Cheng told Cointelegraph that they had done their best to explain the defense’s point of view as clearly as possible.

The advocate said that the first session is being postponed to Feb. 20, 2023, and believes that the state’s interpretation of Pertsev’s involvement with Tornado Cash is not the whole story.

We’re going to do some research and look into things that we need to clear up. And we’re going to try to prepare for the next court session.”

The prosecution is worrying that Pertsev might try to leave the country before his first court appearance, even though his lawyers are promising to keep him under surveillance and check in with him regularly.

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